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The primary reasons we are asked to consult are:

The business owner is the technical expert in the business he or she owns but has limited tax and accounting background or education.

The business has been so successful that the owner(s) are consumed with operating the business which leaves little or no time to review financial results.

The business owner(s) have been successful, have time to operate the business but lack information relative to how the business is performing in comparison to industry they operate in.

The business is successful, the owner(s) have time to operate the business, the owner(s) have a good understanding of the financial reports, but taxes are negatively impacting cash flows and lack effective tax planning.

The business has been successful in growing sales, but expenses have outpaced the growth in revenues and the company needs a better system of budgets and accountability.

The business owner(s) want to expand by acquiring another business and need assistance negotiating, evaluating and with the due diligence process.

The business owner(s) have a desire to sell the business.

The business originally incorporated as a non profit but now realizes the disadvantages and needs to convert to a for profit. We know how to do that.

We have extensive experience in each of these areas of emphasis and have been successful in assisting companies involved in many different industries with great resultsWe will be pleased to provide references upon request.