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In 1995 we enjoyed our first long term care client asking us to prepare, at that time, annual cost report for DHHS North Carolina.   Within a few months, the client was audited by the Department of Labor and we were asked to represent them in a labor dispute.  A year or more after that, the client received an audit which questioned deductions for food, household supplies, recreation and clothing. We represented the client and were successful in reversing the IRS audit.

Since that time, we have been asked to represent a large number of clients in long term care, mental disability care, Alzheimer and dementia care, group homes and similar care services and have developed a passion for the business owners serving others with so many needs. Representation has included cost reporting, AUP Medicare Audits, Department of Labor issues, tax preparation, liaison with state and federal representatives, business consulting and financial planning.

The long term care industry, in our opinion, continues to be one of the least understood industries but most vital services in our culture today and have become specialist in serving the needs of the provider. including overlooked tax deductions such as “difficulty of care,” income inclusions.